Jonathan Eyler-Werve

Hello! I’m a digital product designer with 20 years experience making Web and native software. I’ve also worked in product management, people leadership and as a full stack developer. I am interested in building the right things (user centered design), building them well (agile & XP), and managing risk thoughtfully (lean product).

Currently, Staff Product Designer at Pivotal Labs, consulting to places like Boeing, Discover and Optum Health.

Previously I was a director of product design at Sprout Social, director of UX at Polymathic, and director of product at Dev Bootcamp. Some early phase startups: Moxie Jean, Civic Workbench, Sparks Custom Publishing. I worked in civic tech, at Global Integrity, The Engine Room and the Center for Public Integrity.


Twitter: @eylerwerve
LinkedIn: /eylerwerve
Github: /jonathan-eyler-werve